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Horngren's Financial & Managerial Accounting (FINANCIAL chapters only) by Miller 6th edition c.2019

Horngren's Cost Accounting 16th edition by Datar c.2019

Understanding Financial Statements by Ormiston 11th edition c.2016



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Title: Horngren's Financial & Managerial Accounting (Final Chapters only) NEW!

Author: Miller

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2019

Horngren’s Financial and Managerial Accounting, The Financial Chapters present the core content and principles of accounting in a fresh format designed to help today’s learners succeed. As teachers first, the author team knows the importance of delivering a reader experience free of obstacles. Their pedagogy and content use leading methods in teaching readers critical foundational topics and concentrates on improving individual results. With this in mind, the 6th Edition continues to focus on readability and comprehension and takes this a step further in the managerial chapters by employing a new theme to help readers see how managerial accounting is used as a tool to help all business people make decisions. By providing more meaningful learning tools, this title helps readers clear hurdles, like never before.



Cost Accounting


Title: Horngren's Cost Accounting  NEW!
Author: Datar
Edition: 16
Copyright: 2019

Horngren’s Cost Accounting defines the cost accounting market and continues to innovate today by consistently integrating the most current practice and theory into the text. This acclaimed, market-leading text emphasizes the basic theme of “different costs for different purposes,” and reaches beyond cost accounting procedures to consider concepts, analyses, and management. The 16th Edition, Global Edition, incorporates the latest research and most up-to-date thinking into all relevant chapters, so that students are prepared for the rewards and challenges they will face in the professional cost accounting world of today and tomorrow.


Financial Statement Analysis

Title: Understanding Financial Statements (reprint) NEW!
Author: Ormiston
Edition: 11
Copyright: 2016


An Analytical Approach to Understanding and Interpreting Business Financial Statements

Understanding Financial Statements improves the student’s ability to translate a financial statement into a meaningful map for business decisions. The material covered in each chapter helps students approach financial statements with enhanced confidence and understanding of a firm’s historical, current, and prospective financial condition and performance. The Eleventh Edition includes new case studies based on existing companies and enhanced learning tools to help students quickly grasp and apply the materials. Fraser and Ormiston presents material in an engaging fashion that helps readers make sense of complex financial information, leading to intelligent (and profitable!) decision-making.


Principles of Finance


Title: Foundations of Finance with MyFinanceLab 
Author: Keown
Edition: 8
Copyright: 2014

Foundations of Finance enables students to see the big picture by helping them understand the logic that drives finance rather than having them memorize formulas. 


Managerial Finance

Title: Principles of Managerial Finance  NEW!
Author: ZUTTER - Gitman
Edition: 15
Copyright: 2020

Guide students through complex material with a proven learning goal system.  This system—a hallmark feature of Principles of Managerial Finance—weaves pedagogy into concepts and practice, giving students a roadmap to follow through the text and supplementary tools.