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Early Childhood


Math, Science and Technology


Title: Math & Science Investigations 

Author: Sally Anderson                           

Copyright: 2012

Children’s books and hands-on investigations bring math and science concepts to life!

Young children are naturally interested in the patterns and processes occurring in the world around them. They are beginning to learn about the changes happening each day, month, and season. They are starting to ask questions about the environment and world beyond. They are anxious to explore the creatures in their own backyard.

Math and Science Investigations supports young children’s natural curiosity and encourages them to explore what happens around them. Hands-on investigations help children learn the skills, concepts, and standards of mathematics, science, language, and literacy – all at the same time – using some of their favorite books.  Themes include: Exploring Spaces (and Places!); What Comes Next?; Out and About; and Growing and Changing.

Each investigation includes:

  • ·General introduction to the theme
  • ·Ideas to start you thinking about math, science, language, and literacy
  • ·Vocabulary related to the topic
  • ·Children’s book suggestions


Title: The Giant Encyclopedia of Math Activities for Children 3 to 6                                                                                       Author: Kathy Charner

Organized by curriculum area or time of day, each activity is complete with math concepts, materials needed, and step-by-step instructions. Math is the new focus in early childhood education, and the easy-to-use math concept index is a fabulous feature for teachers so they can easily find appropriate activities for the children they teach. Loved by children because they're fun, and teachers because they are developmentally appropriate, the activities in The GIANT Encyclopedia of Math Activities will captivate children's imaginations and create wonderful opportunities for learning and fun.


Title: The Giant Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6                                                                                 Author: Kathy Charner

Leave your fears of science behind! Respond to children's natural curiosity with over 600 teacher-created, classroom-tested activities guaranteed to teach your children all about science while they are having fun. The result of a nationwide contest, the GIANT Encyclopedia of Science joins our bestselling GIANT Encyclopedia series.


Title: Digital Decisions

Author: Fran Simon

Copyright: 2012


“Digital Decisions will open your eyes and expand your awareness of how technology fits into a purposefully planned child-centered classroom.”– Paula Jorde Bloom, Michael W. Louis Endowed Chair, McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership

“Simon and Nemeth transform the debate between technology as good or bad, rather showing us how to use technology actively and interactively within good active and interactive early childhood programs." –Ellen Galinsky, Author, Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs

Feel confident and competent when it comes to choosing and implementing the most appropriate technology tools for your early childhood classroom!

Whether you are a technology enthusiast looking for new ideas and guidance about developmentally appropriate practices, or you are new to the idea of using technology with young children, this book is for you.

Digital Decisions provides everything you need to make your own technology plan based on your experiences and beliefs, the needs of the children, the context of your curriculum and the resources available to you.  This no-nonsense, jargon-free guide will help you evaluate the tools and opportunities technology has to offer and integrate them into your early childhood classroom so you can offer real-life, hands-on, interactive activities to children. 

A reference every childhood program will want to have, Digital Decisions is brimming with charts, resources, and an array of activities that maximize technology as an interactive learning tool. Each chapter provides supporting guidance to make technology most effective for those working with children who are dual language learners or may have special needs.




Title: Let’s Take it Outside

Author: Kathy Charner

Copyright: 2012

Children love outdoor play.  Now teachers can combine the magic and excitement of the outdoors with activities that encourage and support learning!

With more than 100 new teacher-created, classroom-tested outdoor activities, Let’s Take It Outside! engages children’s minds and bodies as they explore the limitless bounds of the outdoors while also building key skills in areas like math, literacy and language, science, art, and music.

Perfect for ages 3 to 6, the activities in Let’s Take It Outside! take kids on an outdoor adventure as they make mud-dough letters, go on a rainbow scavenger hunt, and play animal charades.

Let’s Take It Outside! is the result of a nationwide contest among teachers.  The best of the best activities are selected and organized by theme for easy use.

  • ·Counting
  • ·Alphabet
  • ·Colors
  • Shapes
  • ·Art
  • ·Touch
  • ·Sound and sight
  • ·Plants and gardening
  • ·Bubbles and air
  • ·Light and shadow
  • ·Animals and insects
  • ·Dramatic play
  • ·Large motor skills


Title: Let’s Build

Author: Pamela Phelps

Copyright: 2012

Engage children with meaningful constructive play!

Blocks are a key teaching tool in any early childhood program.  Through well-planned, teacher-supported block play experiences, young children can develop build math, language, and social skills while using their imaginations and boosting their creativity.

Let's Build provides educators of young children with guidance in how to create early childhood environments that support children’s natural need to play.  It includes strategies for creating and scaffolding the block play experience, recommends children’s books that support the learning, and outlines ways to match behaviors, content, and concepts to learning standards.

More than just a collection of activities, lesson plans are based on ten broad themes:

  • ·Thanksgiving – Sharing and Giving
  • ·Our Families and Ourselves
  • ·Winter and Winter Animals
  • ·Large Buildings Around the World
  • ·Birds
  • ·Insects and Spiders
  • ·The Ocean and Ocean Life
  • ·Amphibians and Reptiles
  • ·Ways to Travel
  • ·Wild Animals


Title: The Giant Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Children 2 to 5

Author: Kathy Charner

 This popular potpourri of over 600 classroom-tested activities actively engages children's imaginations and provides many months of learning fun. Organized into 48 popular themes, from Dinosaurs to Circus to Outer Space, these favorite activities are the result of a nationwide competition. Join the ranks of teachers who are already using and loving this valuable resource.


Title: Another Giant Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Young Children

Author: Kathy Charner

Copyright: 2012

More than 300 theme activities written by teachers for teachers!

Actively engage children’s imaginations with more than 300 activities for young children organized into a variety of popular themes – from the alphabet to the weather.

The result of a nationwide contest among teachers, the classroom-tested activities in Another Encyclopedia of Theme Activities for Young Children provide many months of learning fun!

Each activity is complete with learning objectives, materials list, related children’s book suggestions, step-by-step instructions of what to do, teacher-to-teacher tips to expand on children’s learning, assessment strategies, and related songs, poems, and fingerplays.



Title: The Giant Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for Four Year Olds                                                                                Author: Kathy Charner


Written just for four-year-olds, this collection of over 600 teacher-created, classroom-tested activities has everything from songs and books to activities in art, circle time, transitions, science, math, language, music and movement, and more! Helpful classroom management techniques are included. This complete resource of the best selections from a national contest is sure to become a classroom favorite. Formerly titled, It's Great to Be Four.


Title: The Giant Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities 

Author: Kathy Charner


From Autumn Leaf Ornaments to The Recycling Game, kindergarten children will delight in these 600 activities written just for them! In a nationwide contest, teachers submitted their favorite activities and the best of the best are included in this giant resource. This compilation has everything from language and science activities to art, music and movement, and learning centers. You'll find everything you need to keep your kindergarten classes engaged and learning for years to come.


Title: The Complete Book of Activities, Games, Stories, Props, Recipes and Dances for Young Children 

Author: Pam Schiller

 Are you: 

  • ·Trying to remember a game that you used to play?
  • ·Looking for an easy-to-make, no-mess snack?
  • ·Struggling to construct a kazoo, wind chime, twirly fish, or other prop?
  • ·Searching for an appropriate story to supplement the day's lesson plan?
  • ·Attempting to teach children how to do "The Chicken Dance?"

You'll find the answers here, as best-selling authors Pam Schiller and Jackie Silberg team up to bring you the ultimate resource! Bursting with new selections and old favorites, each of the 600 activities, stories, games, recipes, props, and dances will enhance any preschool curriculum. Companion to The Complete Book of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants, it is an essential addition to every classroom!

Includes a materials index, theme connection index, and a thematic chart that explains how to use the book to round out any curriculum.



Title: 500 Five Minute Games

Author: Jackie Silberg

 Enjoy five-minute fun from the author who brought you the popular series Games to Play with Babies, Games to Play with Toddlers and Games to Play with Two Year Olds. These games are easy, fun, developmentally appropriate and promote learning in just five spare minutes of the day. Children unwind, get the wiggles out, communicate and build self-esteem as they have fun. Each game indicates the particular skill developed.



Arts and Crafts


Title: The Giant Encyclopedia of Arts & Craft Activities for Children Ages 3 to 6                                                                                      Author: Kathy Charner

A comprehensive collection of the best art and craft activities for young children. The result of a nationwide competition, these art and craft activities are the best of the best. Just the thing to add pizzazz to your day!

Activities include:

  • ·Bath Sponge Painting
  • ·Blast-off Helmets
  • ·Bumby Snake
  • ·Candy Jewelry
  • ·Caterpillar Cookies
  • ·Cereal Box Tote Bag
  • ·Darling Daffodils
  • ·Dinosaur Sock Puppets
  • ·Dream Catcher
  • ·Ecology Art Creations



Title: Primary Art                                                                                                                                                                  Author: Mary Ann Kohl


 Primary Art is the newest book in award-winning author MaryAnn Kohl's art series, with more than 100 projects that offer amazing results to delight and teach children ages 5--8. A unique characteristic of Primary Art is that each art experience has three parts; it is introduced by a simple activity, progresses to a more experienced level, and finishes with a more intricate primary art experience. With this book, teachers, parents, after-school caregivers, and anyone working with children will encourage creativity, promote the process of art exploration, and appreciate the significance of the resulting art. Activities are sure to please, such as "Shimmer Paint," painting on aluminum foil with tempera and dish detergent, "Squeezy Batik," a batik resist using a flour-water mixture and watercolors, "Crinkle Scruncher," crinkled paper formed into sculptures, and "Jellie Dangles," ornaments made with gelatin!

Key features of this book: 

  • ·Activities are presented from quick-and-easy to multifaceted.
  • ·Three-part projects offer exploration of the qualities and properties of art materials, an introductory art experience, and a third project that builds upon the introduction.
  • ·Everyday materials are listed to capture the imagination of primary children.
  • ·Each individual's artwork will reflect individual creativity, not a pre-made sample or mock-up.
  • ·All projects have icons that designate time requirements, adult involvement, materials, and experience level for artists.



Title: Making Make Believe                                                                                                                                                  Author: Mary Ann Kohl

 Explore the world of make-believe with fun and easy-to-make props and costumes. Create a life-size igloo out of milk jugs or put on a puppet show in your very own Lighted Box Stage! Making Make-Believe offers storybook play, games, cooking, mini-plays, dress-up costumes, puppet ideas, and more to enrich children's play. Unlock the imagination of young children, allowing them to create their own dramatic play experiences. With over 125 activities and projects, this book is packed with ideas for hours of creative fun!


Classroom Management


Title: The Giant Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans for Children 3 to 6 

Author: Kathy Charner

 This newest addition to the best-selling GIANT Encyclopedia series expands the scope of the series by offering complete lesson plans. Written and created by teachers, The GIANT Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans has more than 250 complete lesson plans, covering topics from colors and numbers to seasons and nursery rhymes. Each lesson plan is complete with learning objectives, a circle or group time activity, book suggestions, snack ideas, five learning center activities, assessment strategies, and related songs, poems, and fingerplays. With easy-to-use lesson plans for more than an entire school year, this book belongs on every teacher's bookshelf!


Title: Real Classroom Makeovers 

Author: Rebecca Isbell

Copyright: 2012

Learning environments are an important topic as more and more teachers try to make their classrooms into places that support and inspire learning. Using "before" and "after" pictures of real early childhood classrooms, Real Classroom Makeovers shows early childhood teachers step-by-step how small changes can transform their classrooms into wondrous environments for children to learn and grow. With a budget-conscious focus, the book provides visual examples of dramatic changes that are possible in real preschool, Pre-K, and kindergarten classrooms. Most of the makeovers focus on a specific classroom area or learning center.

Much more than a collection of before-and-after pictures, this book introduces and describes the philosophy behind creative learning environments based on current early childhood education research. Written in simple, down-to-earth language, this book is accessible for all educators!


Title: The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book for Preschool Classrooms

Author: Barbara Sprung


 In preschool, children encounter their first experiences in forming and joining social groups outside their family. It is natural for them to experiment with social interactions while learning about their world. In this guide, teasing and bullying are addressed as a continuum of intentionally hurtful behavior, from making fun of someone to repetitive physical abuse. Creating a caring environment at the beginning of school reduces the need for children to assert themselves through negative behavior such as teasing and bullying. With The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book, teachers of young children can address this behavior before it develops.