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New Releases

Statistics and Data Handling Skills in Biology 4th edition by Ennos c.2018

Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences 14th edition by Barnett c.2019

Discrete Mathematics 8th edition by Johnsonbaugh c.2018

Excursions in Modern Mathematics 9th edition by Tanenbaum c.2018

Essentials of Precalculus with Calculus Previews 6th edition by Zill c.2016 

Elementary Differential Equations 8th edition by Rainville c.2017

Understanding Statistics for Behavioral Sciences 10th edition by Pagano c.2016

Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists UPDATED 9th edition by Walpole c.2016



Mind Mover carries a wide variety of Probability & Statistics titles ranging from introductory to specialized books for different courses such as statistics for engineering, life sciences, and even social sciences.  

Swokowski's Algebra & Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry is the only book that covers all basic engineering math courses in a single book.    


Montgomery's Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists is available with as an optional bundle with WileyPLUS. 

WileyPLUS is a research-based online environment for effective teaching and learning. WileyPLUS builds students’ confidence because it takes the guesswork out of studying by providing a clear roadmap; what to do, how to do it, if they did it right. With WileyPLUS, students take more initiative so you’ll have a greater impact.

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Modern Mathematics


Title: Excursions in Modern Mathematics  NEW!

Author: Tanenbaum

Edition: 9

Copyright: 2018

Excursions in Modern Mathematics introduces non-majors to the power and beauty of math. By developing an appreciation for the aesthetics and applicability of mathematics, students who previously felt math was an “unknowable” subject can approach it with a new perspective. Contemporary topics ranging from elections, to networks, to analyzing data show students that math is an accessible tool that can be applicable and interesting for anyone. Refinement and updating of examples and exercises, plus increased resources for students and instructors, makes the 9th Edition a relevant, accessible, and complete program.



Algebra / Trigonometry


Title: Beginning Algebra NEW!
Author: Tobey
Edition: 8
Copyright: 2015

The Tobey/Slater/Blair/Crawford series builds essential skills one at a time by breaking the mathematics down into manageable pieces. This practical “building block” organization makes it easy for students to understand each topic and gain confidence as they move through each section. Students will find many opportunities to check and reinforce their understanding of concepts throughout the text and its MyMathLab course. With this revision, the author team has added a new Math Coach feature that provides students with an office hour experience by helping them to avoid commonly made mistakes. With Tobey/Slater/Blair/Crawford, students have a tutor, a study companion, and now a coach, with them every step of the way.



Title: Introductory and Intermediate Algebra for College Students (reprint)
Author: Blitzer
Edition: 4
Copyright: 2007

The Blitzer Algebra Series combines mathematical accuracy with an engaging, friendly, and often fun presentation for maximum student appeal. Blitzer’s personality shows in his writing, as he draws students into the material through relevant and thought-provoking applications. Every Blitzer page is interesting and relevant, ensuring that students will actually use their textbook to achieve success!


Title: Trigonometry
Author: Dugopolski
Edition: 3
Copyright: 2015

Dugopolski’s Trigonometry, Third Edition gives students the essential strategies to help them develop the comprehension and confidence they need to be successful in this course. Students will find enough carefully placed learning aids and review tools to help them do the math without getting distracted from their objectives. Regardless of their goals beyond the course, all students will benefit from Dugopolski’s emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking, which is enhanced by the addition of nearly 1,000 exercises in this edition.




Title: Essentials of Precalculus with Calculus Previews  
Author: Zill
Edition: 6
Copyright: 2016

Essentials of Precalculus with Calculus Previews, Sixth Edition, is an ideal undergraduate text to help students successfully transition into a future course in calculus. The Sixth Edition of this best-selling text presents the fundamental mathematics used in a typical calculus sequence in a focused and readable format. Dennis G. Zill’s concise, yet eloquent, writing style allows instructors to cover the entire text in one semester. Essentials of Precalculus with Calculus Previews, Sixth Edition uses a vibrant full-color design to illuminate key concepts and improves students' comprehension of graphs and figures. This text also includes a valuable collection of student and instructor resources, making it a complete teaching and learning package.




Title: Calculus and its Applications (reprint)  NEW!
Author: Bittinger
Edition: 11
Copyright: 2016

Calculus and Its Applications, Eleventh Edition, remains a best-selling text because of its accessible presentation that anticipates student needs. The writing style is ideal for today’s students, providing intuitive explanations that work with the carefully crafted artwork to help them visualize new calculus concepts. Additionally, the text’s numerous and up-to-date applications from business, economics, life sciences, and social sciences help motivate students. Algebra diagnostic and review material is available for those who need to strengthen basic skills. Every aspect of this revision is designed to motivate and help students to more readily understand and apply the mathematics. 

Title: Calculus (reprint)
Author: Stewart
Edition: 4
Copyright: 2012

Stewart's CALCULUS: CONCEPTS AND CONTEXTS, FOURTH EDITION offers a streamlined approach to teaching calculus, focusing on major concepts and supporting those with precise definitions, patient explanations, and carefully graded problems. CALCULUS: CONCEPTS AND CONTEXTS is highly regarded because this text offers a balance of theory and conceptual work to satisfy more progressive programs as well as those who are more comfortable teaching in a more traditional fashion. Each title is just one component in a comprehensive calculus course program that carefully integrates and coordinates print, media, and technology products for successful teaching and learning.


Title: Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences (reprint)  NEW!
Author: Barnett
Edition: 14
Copyright: 2019

Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences, 14th Edition offers more built-in guidance than any other text in its field – with special emphasis on applications and prerequisite skills – and a host of student-friendly features to help students catch up or learn on their own. The text’s emphasis on helping students “get the idea” is enhanced in the new edition by a design refresh, updated data and applications, and a robust MyLab™ Math course.

Differential Equations


Title: Elementary Differential Equations (reprint)  NEW!
Author: Rainville
Edition: 8
Copyright: 2017

This clear, concise fairly easy classic text is particularly well-suited to courses that emphasize finding solutions to differential equations where applications play an important role. Many illustrative examples in each chapter help the student to understand the subject. Computer applications new to this edition.



Discrete Mathematics


Title: Discrete Mathematics (reprint)  NEW!
Author: Johnsonbaugh
Edition: 8
Copyright: 2018

An accessible introduction to the topics of discrete math, this best-selling text also works to expand students’ mathematical maturity. 

With nearly 4,500 exercises, Discrete Mathematics provides ample opportunities for students to practice, apply, and demonstrate conceptual understanding. Exercise sets features a large number of applications, especially applications to computer science. The almost 650 worked examples provide ready reference for students as they work. A strong emphasis on the interplay among the various topics serves to reinforce understanding. The text models various problem-solving techniques in detail, then provides opportunity to practice these techniques. The text also builds mathematical maturity by emphasizing how to read and write proofs. Many proofs are illustrated with annotated figures and/or motivated by special Discussion sections. The side margins of the text now include “tiny URLs” that direct students to relevant applications, extensions, and computer programs on the textbook website.



Title: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (reprint)
Author: Haggard
Edition: 1
Copyright: 2011

An increasing number of computer scientists from diverse areas are using discrete mathematical structures to explain concepts and problems. Based on their teaching experiences, the authors offer an accessible text that emphasizes the fundamentals of discrete mathematics and its advanced topics. This text shows how to express precise ideas in clear mathematical language. Students discover the importance of discrete mathematics in describing computer science structures and problem solving. They also learn how mastering discrete mathematics will help them develop important reasoning skills that will continue to be useful throughout their careers.


Introductory Probability & Statistics


Title: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (reprint)
Author: Mendenhall
Edition: 14
Copyright: 2014

Used by hundreds of thousands of students since its first edition, INTRODUCTION TO PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS, Fourteenth Edition, continues to blend the best of its proven, error-free coverage with new innovations. Written for the higher end of the traditional introductory statistics market, the book takes advantage of modern technology--including computational software and interactive visual tools--to facilitate statistical reasoning as well as the interpretation of statistical results. In addition to showing how to apply statistical procedures, the authors explain how to describe real sets of data meaningfully, what the statistical tests mean in terms of their practical applications, how to evaluate the validity of the assumptions behind statistical tests, and what to do when statistical assumptions have been violated. The new edition retains the statistical integrity, examples, exercises, and exposition that have made this text a market leader--and builds upon this tradition of excellence with new technology integration.



Statistics for Life Sciences/ Biostatistics


Title: Statistics and Data Handling Skills in Biology  NEW!
Author: Ennos
Edition: 4
Copyright: 2018

The ability to expertly analyse statistical data is a crucial skill in the biological sciences – it is fundamental to fully understanding what your experiments are actually telling you.

Statistical and Data Handling Skills in Biology gives you everything you need to master the key skills of statistical analysis. Written in a straight-forward and easy to understand style it presents all of the tests you will need throughout your studies, and shows you how to select the right tests to get the most out of your experiments. All of this is done in the context of biological examples so you can see just how relevant a skill this is, and how becoming fully proficient will make you a more rounded scientist.


Title: Statistics for Life Sciences NEW!
Author: Samuels
Edition: 5
Copyright: 2015

The Fifth Edition of Statistics for the Life Sciences uses authentic examples and exercises from a wide variety of life science domains to give statistical concepts personal relevance, enabling students to connect concepts with situations they will encounter outside the classroom. The emphasis on understanding ideas rather than memorizing formulas makes the text ideal for students studying a variety of scientific fields: animal science, agronomy, biology, forestry, health, medicine, nutrition, pharmacy, physical education, zoology and more. In the fifth edition, randomization tests have been moved to the fore to motivate the inference procedures introduced in the text. There are no prerequisites for the text except elementary algebra. 


Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists


Title: Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists UPDATED (reprint) NEW!
Author: Walpole
Edition: 9
Copyright: 2016

This classic text provides a rigorous introduction to basic probability theory and statistical inference, with a unique balance between theory and methodology. Interesting, relevant applications use real data from actual studies, showing how the concepts and methods can be used to solve problems in the field. This revision focuses on improved clarity and deeper understanding.



Title: Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (original with optional WileyPLUS bundle)
Author: Montgomery
Edition: 5
Copyright: 2011

Montgomery and Runger's bestselling engineering statistics text provides a practical approach oriented to engineering as well as chemical and physical sciences. By providing unique problem sets that reflect realistic situations, students learn how the material will be relevant in their careers. With a focus on how statistical tools are integrated into the engineering problem-solving process, all major aspects of engineering statistics are covered. Developed with sponsorship from the National Science Foundation, this text incorporates many insights from the authors' teaching experience along with feedback from numerous adopters of previous editions.


Business Math/ Business Statistics


Title: Applied Business Statistics (original with WileyPLUS bundle)

Author: Ken Black

Edition: 7

Copyright: 2013

Black, Applied Business Statistics 7e is designed with one goal: to support student success in the Business Stats course. From the clear instruction, thorough explanations and real-data examples, the book is a pedagogically sound, reliable resource for students. With WileyPLUS online learning environment, which gives students a roadmap to personalized instruction by telling them what to do, how to do it and if they did it right, students have more ways to succeed with Black, Applied Business Statistics 7e than ever before.



Title: Basic Statistics for Business and Economics (reprint)
Author: Lind
Edition: 7
Copyright: 2010

Lind/Marchal/Wathen Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, 7e is the basic version of Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics 14e, our market best seller. Like the 14th edition, the 7th edition contains comprehensive coverage of statistical tools and methods delivered in a student friendly, step-by-step format but in a shorter, “essential” version of the big book. The text is non-threatening and presents concepts clearly in a conversational writing style. Statistical concepts are illustrated with solved applied examples. The text maintains a focus on presenting statistics content first and using software as tools to support interpretation of data and results.


Title: Business Statistics in Practice (original)
Author: Bowerman
Edition: 6
Copyright: 2011

The new edition of Business Statistics in Practice provides a modern, practical, and unique framework for teaching the first course in business statistics. This framework features case study and example-driven discussions of all basic business statistics topics. In addition, the authors have rewritten many of the discussions in this edition and have explained concepts more simply from first principles. The only prerequisite for this text is high school algebra.


Statistics for Social and Behavioral Science


Title: Understanding Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (reprint)  NEW!
Author: Pagano
Edition: 10
Copyright: 2016


Based on over 30 years of successful teaching experience in this course, Robert Pagano's 

introductory text takes an intuitive, concepts-based approach to descriptive and inferential statistics. He uses the sign test to introduce inferential statistics, empirically derived sampling distributions, many visual aids, and lots of interesting examples to promote student understanding. One of the hallmarks of this text is the positive feedback from students—even students who are not mathematically inclined praise the text for its clarity, detailed presentation, and use of humor to help make concepts accessible and memorable. Thorough explanations precede the introduction of every formula, and the exercises that immediately follow include a step-by-step model that lets students compare their work against fully solved examples. This combination makes the text perfect for students taking their first statistics course in psychology or other social and behavioral sciences.


Title: Elementary Statistics for Social Research Essentials (reprint)
Author: Levin
Edition: 3
Copyright: 2014


This text provides a streamlined and accessible introduction to statistics for students in sociology, criminal justice, political science, social work, and other social sciences.
This edition of the text offers an essential and accessible overview to the introduction to social statistics.  Clearly written with detailed step-by-step illustrations of statistical procedures, the text provides clear and logical explanations for the rationale and use of statistical methods of social research.  Numerous end-of-chapter questions in every chapter reinforce key concepts to students.