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Libraries can now avail of the ebook versions of Pearson’s 2,800 best-selling titles (including 2019 copyrights) through the following options:

  • Outright purchase – perpetual ownership
  • eLibrary – annual subscription service

The eLibrary service offers several advantages:

  • The content is the same but the cost per book is significantly lower than outright purchase.
  • The library’s collection is always new and updated, containing the latest editions and free from obsolescence. 
  • The service includes usage analysis that shows which titles are most frequently or rarely used.  This helps librarians make decisions that will maximize budgets by focusing more on frequently borrowed titles.


How to avail of the Pearson eLibrary:

  • Simply pick and choose from the list, which covers most higher education fields, including maths and science, computers and engineering, humanities and social sciences, business and economics, accounting and finance, HRM and tourism, Edexcel and BTEC titles and more.
  • We offer packages that fit your budget and usage requirements, starting with basic budget packages all the way to multi-user, multi-site, and multi school packages.


If you are interested to avail of the Pearson e-library, or if you wish to make outright purchases of Pearson ebooks, email us at